Best Place to Elk Hunt in Colorado

best place to elk hunt in colorado

If you are a passionate hunter, then surely Colorado is your much-loved state for elk hunting by a considerable margin. In this article, we will discuss about five of the best place to elk hunt in Colorado.


With more than two hundred fifty-thousand elks surrounded by its boundaries, Colorado is residence to more or less 40% of the animal’s inhabitants in the USA. To search out the highest amount of the supposed animals in the freezer, you should gain knowledge of the regulations of the hunt.


Initially, as a result of the character of territory in Colorado, you’ll more often than not have to go up, signifying you primarily must get objectively fit. Several hunters also have a tendency to stop thinking about the essential detail that hunting is a knapsack game. You should stay outside the highways in so far as possible because these big sport in Colorado (also nearly all states) is more often than not found further outside the highway.


Most of the roads are a great deal comfortable for you as a hunter; however, the outcomes demonstrate that you cannot acquire to a great extent by settling outside the deep backwoods.


Keep that in mind that it is against the law in most of the states like Colorado to shoot while you are hunting from the road. You may, conversely, mark from the highway (please do not attempt it if you are driving your car!).

5 Best Places to elk hunt in colorado:

best place to elk hunt in colorado

You may able to carry out all this and still offer extra time and sweat, however nevertheless, finish up with your vacant freezer. In this case, the fault would just be aiming at the incorrect spots.


Because of that, we got the point to bring together the best place to elk hunt in Colorado of the Western United States. At this point, let’s enjoy our top five places:

Unit 74: The Best Place to Hunt

This unit extends crossways the regions of La Plata along with San Juan. For every 1.1 bulls in the particular region, there’re more than five cows.


More or less 85% of the territory now has been given away. If you want to use the classified land for your hunting, it will need you to permit the additional hunters to be familiar with your actions. The possibilities of achievement in this unit 74 are roughly more than 20%, because of the announcing of nearly all the territory.


Despite the consequences, this unit has still time and again ranked between the best ten place to elk hunt in Colorado. The unit has the most achievement rates and entire harvests. Harvest as the whole in unit 74 is roughly a hundred. For this unit, it’s most excellent to hunt throughout the 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons.

Unit 65: Most Extent of Wilderness Area

Unit 65 intersects to Gunnison, Montrose, also Hinsdale provinces. If you want to hunt in this region, snowfall is an indomitable factor, and the superlative time for hunting is generally the 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons in most of the cases.


The cow to bull percentage is roughly 80%-20%. This unit is practicing a boost in elk inhabitants. Also, this fact has determined the achievement rate to some extent, up to more or less 22%. The full harvest in the year 2015 was approximately 95.


This unit 65 is huge, and you’ll most likely need to walk for at least 2-3 hours earlier than receiving to somewhere the elk are available. More often than not, they’re in the uneven fractions, and these animals are positioned pretty deep. It’s better to find to the backwoods sooner than morning and anticipate for the target to leave feeding at some stage in the daylight hours. You might look forward to paying out the better part of the daylight hours in this unit 65.




During elk hunting in Colorado you may need some hunting equipment like Climbing Tree Stand to know more you can check out our blog about it.

Unit 13: Offers Fully Guided Archery and Rifle Hunts

The hunting Colorado Elk Unit 13 is typically classified as land that covers just about 363 square miles. Also, that’s what adds to the heavy achievement rate. If you are looking for the most excellent possibility of achievement, go hunting in the 3rd rifle seasons. This unit 13 has huge inhabitants of elk and deer. The unit is also identified to include large numbers of valleys and vertical gulches, besides these kinds of stuff are applied by expert archery hunters vastly. These regions are more often than not positioned in the southern parts of unit 13.

Unit 22: Hunting Opportunities Exist in This Unit

The whole harvest in unit 22 was almost 84 in the year 2015. Even though unit 22 has large numbers of unrestricted property, there’re regular gas businesses that are placed in the region, besides these possibly will reason some barriers. While you are hunting in this unit 22, ensure you’re up to date diagrams of the region because quite a lot of parts of the property have inherited by personal possession.

Unit 11: Big Game Hunt with An Interactive Unit

The good time for you to hunt in this unit 11 is in the initial and 2nd rifle seasons, more often than not concluded by the snowstorm in this region. The snowstorm generally compels your target to travel to the minor provinces of this hunting unit. For a similar motive, the region can create reduced opportunities for archery hunting. In other times of the year, the elks are far away from each other and a smaller amount in the figure. The region is best place to elk hunt in Colorado by any means.

Final Words

When all’s said and done, Colorado is the paramount state for passionate hunters in the USA. Because it has the maximum inhabitants of elk in North America. You require to complete is hit upon the right game managing units in Colorado, and you’ll know how to fill up the freezer. Hunting experience will be more

Have a nice day!

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