Best Scope for 22lr Review in 2019

Best Scope for 22lr Review

In the 17th and 18th centuries when rifles first came into use, rifle scopes were built from iron insights and lacked durability and optical quality, making shooting much more difficult than it is today. If you want to find the best scope for 22lr, read on our article.

Nowadays the best rifle scopes are made up of aluminium that is aircraft grade, ocular and optic lenses of glass and tubes to allow light in to make up for more precision. Other than that there are a variety of factors to consider the best scope for 22lr when purchasing an expert rifle scope, nonetheless including eye relief, magnification, adjustments etc.

There’s also an array of scopes available so making a choice armed with the right knowledge and research can be stressful. This is where we come in, with our well researched, well-tested reviews of the best scope for 22lr in 2019.

Best Scope for 22lr

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The Features of Top Ten Best Scope for 22lr

The first one on our list is the XOPin Rifle Scope C4-16x50EG.

XOPin Rifle Scope C4-16x50EG

Best Scope for 22lr Reviews

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XOPin is one of the most time tested, beloved by shooters and shooting enthusiasts brands for making great quality rifle scopes and the C4-16x50EG is probably the best scope for 22lr in their line up.

Rated across the board around a 4.5 for its high grade optical and ocular lenses made up of coated glass reigning in a magnification of about 4x to 16x for up to 200 to 1000 yards, it offers a clear view and precise accuracy in sight clarity that is required for most recreational and sporting activities.

Some Features that include:

A range of 4x to 16x is great for most shooters as a smaller magnification enhances more clarity and prevents blurred vision when focusing on the target.

As well as that the C4-16x50EG is built with strong and light high-grade T4 aluminium, coming in shiny and matte. Aluminium, as opposed to steel or iron bodies for the rifle scope is good for its low weight making it a breeze to fit in and carry as opposed to older, more traditional models.

Rifle Scope Advantage:

It is a 100 % shock and water and fog proof, making the scope solid, safer and a pleasure to use.

This rifle scope has done adjustments with elevation, windage (lateral) and sets focus designed for the shooter’s eye. XOPin has added a new upgraded version of their front adjustment, making it much easier to operate.

It also has a positive right click for the windage and elevation. The windage and elevation level is ¼ inches at 100 yards. To give you a great wide and clear view of shooting there is an eye relief of 3 inches to 3.4 inches and 10 to 27 inches of field view.

Red and Green Dot Specification:

Another features that makes this scope distinct is the green and red illumination provided, making it much easier to shoot or hunt in dark, more secluded environments. The intensity and holographic sight are good as well though the objective lens cannot be focused on more specific smaller objects as it holds a macroscopic view of the field of vision throughout.

The rail lock one piece makes it easier for the user as you don’t have to focus on adjusting the reticle. The zoom and scope features may be a tad harder to navigate but nothing you can’t get over with a fair bit of use.

Though slightly heavier, it fits most rifles with ease, making it the perfect budget rifle scope for the occasional shooter who gets his practice on the weekends.


At around only 140 dollars, it’s a great deal for its array of features, ease and functionality of use and strong solid build quality that should carry you through most circumstances!

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Primary Arms 6X SFP Rifle ScopeBest Scope for 22lr of Primary Arms

In 2014, the ACSS reticle was approved for use as it is innovative for its use in nearsighted, instant, smaller targets such as cans, clay pigeons and other targets. This relatively new technology is built into the Primary Arms 6X SFP Rifle Scope in the form of the .22, a tamer easier version than the original ACSS.

Product Description and Features of Rifle Scope:

The optical and ocular lenses are made of premium glass that offers a clear field of vision and it is multicoated, shock resistant and water and fog proof. The Turrets click cleanly and solidly without the need for tools and allows for clever and quick windage and elevation adjustments when needed. Each click is 1/4 MOA.

By loosening the two bolts and removing the turret, it can be re-zeroed against the zero indicator dot and the tube is about 1 inch in diameter. The body is made of high grade, light Aluminium making the scope solid and lighter to use.

The reticles do not have LED lights affixed that allow vision in dark environments with little to no lights. The new reticles are perfect for shooting at small targets such as clay pigeons, cans, bottles or even mild varmint hunting.

Design and Magnification:

The ACSS 22LR reticle design utilizes bullet drop compensation correlated with range estimation and wind holds all in one system.

The magnification is at 6x which is perfect for a rifle scope and rifles this size and though the reticle is smaller than most, it is perfectly good for this size and this magnification. At this price point, it is perfect for the smaller rifle and standard shooting range training.

Warranty and Price:

As well as that it is covered by a 3-year manufacturer warranty for defects due to materials, workmanship or normal wear and tear from Primary Arms. At the modest price of 120 dollars, it is a good combo well worth the price!

All of the above the features, specification and affordable price makes this product the best scope for 22lr around you.

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Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle scope (6-18×50)

Best Scope for 22lr Review of Bunshell

Bushnell Banner’s Dusk & Dawn scope model is a wonderful quality scope at around 70 dollars. You can usually never get this level of quality at this price.

Bushnell Banner has been making scopes since 1947 and has since established a quality name in the riflescope making business, now making top-of-the-line riflescopes excellent for a variety of conditions.

Specialising in low light conditions and environments, its name well suits its Dusk to Dawn like versatility and ease of use.

Notable features include:

  • Quality optics with stunning HD clarity
  • Beautiful design and durability built to last
  • Dusk and low-light rifle scope with 3-9x magnification and 40mm objective lens
  • Dusk & Dawn Brightness (DDB) multicoated lenses for clarity and brightness
  • Multi-X reticle; which means it comes with elevation adjustments and1/4 MOA fingertip windage

This one is easy, for my tastes, the best looking of the bunch. It is clean, light and very minimalistic in the design and engineering approach. The magnification is in the range of  x8 to x16.

This is the only one in the list so far that allows you to adjust the objective lens of the rifle, allowing to focus on specific smaller objects from far off distances.

Dusk and Dawn in Scope:

The Dusk and Dawn tech is a type of treatment for the glass that they use to improve the visibility during less ideal conditions (eg. low light). The scope is nitrogen filled, which adds to the clarity of the scope. The scope is 100 % fog-proof, waterproof, and shockproof.

Fast-Focus eyepiece:

The fast-focus eyepiece equipped with the Bushnell multi x reticle is fitted to hunt game with more accuracy. The multi x reticle and high tech glass allow clarity to be preserved across rain, wind and shine, thus suitable for a range of conditions.

This can help tackle fog brilliantly, especially during cold winter hunting season. This is because this scope covers all features, what you are looking for hunting, of the best scope for 22lr.

Although, with a multitude of good sides, some users have complained about having trouble with the crosshairs. This is covered by the warranty so you can get easily fixed. Just be cautious and inspect your scope as precisely as you can when you get it.


Bushnell usually retails these scopes for around 200 dollars, but deals may get you down to 140 and on Amazon, it’s around 70 but be sure to verify and check with your seller if you have any questions.

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ATN X-Sight II HD 3-14x Digital Smart Day/Night Riflescope

Best Scope for 22lr of ATN Ballistic

Now, we’re moving onto the big guns! The ATN is a premium riflescope, clocking in at around 550 dollars US. This may seem like a lot more compared to the other ones on this list but it offers the near perfect night vision of pricier models that range in the thousands.

Along with the night vision, it’s got a multitude of cool features that could make any rifle enthusiast swoon with joy.

The Features includes:

The first feature that you notice is its lack of use of glass for optic screening. The ATN X Sight is completely digital – by that I mean, it doesn’t use the traditional coated glass of the others but digital imaging technology to enhance and captures the field of view and project it to the scope’s LCD screen.

ATN has used this technology in many of its pricier models that are even supplied to the army and military corps so you know they mean business!

Digital Imaging Technology:

The Digital Imaging Technology allows the X sight to have three different modes of view: green night view, day view and black and white night view. This positively guarantees you complete ease and accuracy in low light or no light hunting conditions.

It has a ballistics range finder and calculator built into the riflescope to allow you to track and make calculations on your scope in minutes. The state of the art design and engineering basically means that your rifle scope is essentially a high-quality digital camera capable of shooting real bullets as well as shooting more than decent pictures.

As an added bonus, you can download your pictures or videos of your hunting adventures onto your devices by its download feature.

Other notable features include:

  • It has settings of multiple zeros for various loads, distances or guns
  • Pre-programmed with 7 reticle styles
  • One can take high-quality video and photo using the scope

As it is clearly a more high tech model than the rest here, you might miss your manually adjustable windage and elevation controls as everything is electronically set. As well as this high tech takes a lot of power out of the battery so you may be signing up for extra recharges.

In spite of in our review blog of the best scope for 22lr, we bring this review article for great appealing features of the scope.  If you can handle both those caveats and the price, you’re golden!

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ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

Best Scope for 22lr of ATN Corporation

ATN does it again with its X Sight now in a 4K model. This state of the art rifle scope is a not above the original X Sight I and II and its priced a few hundred dollars more too.

W have also a detailed review on ATN Laser Ballistics 1500 Smart Laser Range Finder in case if you wish you can check it out.

It has all the fine features and sensational image harnessing qualities as the originals but upgraded to almost a stellar level – boasting 4k video and picture quality, a much faster Obsidian core than enhances optics to its finest archetype and streaming technology so that anyone can watch your hunts as it unfolds live in front of your very own eyes.

In the review of the best scope for 22lr, we are trying to bring you the digital hunting experience through this scope.

In short, the X Sight 4k has these notable features:

  • Ultra HD Sensor
  • Range and Ballistic Calculator
  • Ultra Low Power Profile
  • Night Vision Technology
  • Dual Streaming Technology
  • Recoil Activated Videos

ATN fixed all of the bugs in the original X Sight II including its low battery life. They listened and equipped the 4k version with the ultra-low power profile which promises up to 18+ hours of battery life for all your hunting recording needs.

It looks, feels and acts like a traditional scope now too as ATN has brought back the eye relief that the X Sight II lacked. They’ve further increased the field of view with this one making it easier to spot prey.

It has the typical 30mm mounting system that allows you to mount most guns. The Ballistic calculator is very accurate and the X Sight 4K pro will automatically adjust the crosshairs as needed for your target.

The recording is extremely clear till 10x though it tapers off to slight blurriness after that magnification. The night vision quality remains almost exactly the same as the original X sight II pro.

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Monstrum Tactical G3 6-24×50 Rifle Scope First Focal Plane (FFP)

Monstrum Tactical G3 6-24x50 Rifle Scope First Focal Plane (FFP)

We’re back again with another best scope for 22lr to our more cheaper end of the rifle scope market and it is the Monstrum Tactical G3 First Focal Plane rifle scope. Monstrum Tactical is known for making good solid rifle scopes at affordable price points just like Primary Arms or Bushnell.

The G3 comes equipped with the following features:

  • HIGHLY PERFORMED TACTICAL SCOPE – One can have shooting experience for mid to long distance covering almost 1000+yards with the 6-24x magnification scope
  • FIRST FOCAL PLANE – This rifle scope is designed with the first focal plane reticle. It will give you an easily readable ranging information and that information will remain constant no matter what the magnification is. It features also the holdover correction and faster range estimation features.
  • ADJUSTABLE OBJECTIVE – Equipped with an adjustable objective lens – or AO – that allows for the sharper focus of the target image, elimination of parallax, and range estimation
  • ILLUMINATED RETICLE – Inline dial controlled reticle illumination with multiple brightness intensities, for better reticle visibility at night or in low light in environments
  • The package also comes with a great quality of Picatinny scope rings, a pair of flip-up lens covers (spring loaded), one detachable honeycomb filter sunshade and one CR2032 3V battery.

Multilayer Lens Coating:

The multilayer lens coating allows for more precision, clarity and clean vision during hunting seasons. The magnification is from x6 to x24, perfect for both smaller targets nearby and bigger game off in the far wide distance.

The objective lens is adjustable thus allowing you to focus on precise and small targets giving you a more refined touch to your shooting experience. This is a feature you won’t find in most models in this price range

Custom Type-H Reticle:

The custom type H reticle doesn’t have those annoying marking that always gets in your way when you’re trying to take aim. It is also made of 6061 premium aircraft grade aluminium giving you strength, durability and lightness all in one beautiful metal body.

Heavy Duty Scope Rings :

The rifle scope comes with Monstrum Tactical Heavy Duty Scope Rings and Flip-Up Lens Covers that will allow you to maintain the quality of your optics in the long haul. In the case of long-range shooting, this one is the best scope for 22lr. At 250 dollars it should satisfy your needs without breaking the bank!

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BSA 6-18X40 Sweet 22 Rifle Scope

BSA 6-18X40 Sweet 22 Rifle Scope

The word “Sweet” has been used to describe in our review for the best scope for 22lr for the mechanical beauty of this small device. This riflescope is specifically designed for .22LR in a variety of grain bullets ranging from 36, 38 and 40 made possible by the multigrain turret. It has side parallax adjustment – the traditional choice in most rifle scopes on the market.

The magnification varies from x6 to x18, perfect for most users though may leave you slightly lusting for a higher magnification model if you’re going for bigger game in much more far distances. It is very easy to set up and use thus making it quick and accessible for many users with its hand adjusted windage and elevation knobs.

BSA made a solid build for the aircraft grade aluminium scope – perfect for .22s with its ease and accessibility of use and adjustment.

Other notable features include:

  • Clear optics that transcend its monetary value.
  • It includes tactical turrets that come with 3 bullet weights, sunshade and a rich side focus AO.
  • Broad eye box makes various holds easier.
  • 4-inch eye relief though may be harder on magnifications above x12.
  • Machining and matte black finish on all parts are very good.
  • Simple, clear Duplex reticle.
  • Shock, fog and waterproof.

Using this model, you can dial up to 100 yards and you will surely get an accurate result. However, if you are planning on picking up with this model then you have to buy aftermarket rings separately.

It doesn’t come equipped with factory stock rings and it may be a tad heavier for some users at half a kg but still good for relative portability and the parallax adjustment might need a bit finer tuning to be at that perfect precision that you want out of this scope. Nevertheless, good solid equipment from BSA at a solid price!

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Vortex Optics Crossfire II Rifle Scope

Vortex Optics Crossfire II Rifle Scope

With a unique blend of technology, sturdy build and multiple models, the Vortex Optics Crossfire II is a great option for those looking for a high-quality best scope for 22lr, at a budget and with an unlimited warranty. Without scarifying quality Vortex has come up with a lot of features at an affordable price.

It has a great construction which features multi-coated lenses, waterproofing, fog proofing and aircraft grade aluminium which matches with the features of the best scope for 22lr. There are also several reticle options, including an illuminated variant though it has shorter battery life.

Its other notable features include the following:

  • High level of quality in both construction and materials
  • Waterproof for use in any situation
  • Several sizes, power, and reticle options to fit your needs
  • Easy to use controls allow for accurate shooting]
  • VIP unlimited warranty for easy fixing or replacement

For most of the field of view, you are getting optics which are sufficiently sharp and contrasty. The fair suspension of this rifle scope is also good that usually, we see in fully multi-coated optics. Distortion, colour fringing and field curvature are present in all rifle scopes, but these features are appropriately controlled in the Crossfire II.

The controls for elevation, windage and illumination are easy to use and find thus manually adjusting it is a breeze. The tube is constructed from a solid piece of aluminium for enhanced durability and lightness.

The waterproof O-rings make sure the rain or water does not damage the contents of the body and inside of the scope. As well as protect it from fog, snow and shock with its shock and fog proof features. In a brief, it has all the features of the best scope for 22lr for both hunting and shooting at the varying range.

It is completely easy to target objects within 100 yards with minimum change or adjustment. This is particularly good for shooters who are new or are just beginning to try long range so as to hone skills and refine the quality and precision of your shots.  And the lifetime warranty sure makes it swell safe deal for you to spend your hard-earned dollars on!

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CVLIFE 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scope with Illuminated Reticle Scope with Fiber Optic Sight

CVLIFE 4x32 Tactical Rifle Scope with Illuminated Reticle Scope with Fiber Optic Sight

This is one of the most budget scopes on our list of the best scope for 22lr at 55 dollars a piece. CVLIFE has created a good optic system with built-in illumination options in red, green and blue for the price point. It has a Magnification power of 4x. An objective lens of 32mm and Field of view of a 100 yards or 36 feet and a length of 5.5 inches.

Other notable features that include the following:

  • Crisp image for accurate shooting. It has a green multi-layer coated lenses and tactical compact scope which will make you enable to shoot precisely and fast with a great resolution and high light transmission.
  • This product features glass etched reticle with tri-illuminations, that means 3 levels of brightness settings for 3 different colours. It is an amazing feature that allows a shooter to get his perfect lighting and weather depending on different conditions.
  • The CVLIFE 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scope comes in a shock and fog proof (nitrogen filled); high-quality aluminium alloy with a classy black matte finish.

It is a high-performance optical scope with fibre optic sight for quick and accurate acquisition of target and prey.

Although it may not have the magnification and the power, technology and precision of most scopes at a higher price point, this is a great option for those who cannot afford a better spec added rifle scope or beginners just seeking to hone and enhance their skills and get more comfortable with shooting and hunting long distances.

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Hawke Sports Optics Vantage 3-9×40 22LR IR Riflescope

Hawke Sports Optics Vantage 3-9x40 22LR IR Riflescope

Hawke Sports is a brand that has been in the game for a long time. They have been making scopes since its origination and is known for being a modestly priced brand. To describe the best scope for 22lr we are giving some features that make it a good quality tool for decent shooting and small game hunting which include:

The Features that make Different:

  • To provide an excellent clarity it has 11-layer of multicoated optics.
  • Adjustable objective for parallax correction (AO) models.
  • It has 1″ and 30mm mono-tube chassis which gives superior strength.
  • Glass etched reticle with red and green illumination.
  • Has 5 levels of brightness.

It offers a decent clear sight in its image, it is made of sturdy aluminium which also provides so much lightless at only 500 grams. At the centre of this conventional 1” body tube, there is a tidy and neat saddle.

Medium height mounts keep the scope low for best handling characteristics and keep your cheek in good contact with the rifle. The high-quality glasses which are used for the lenses have received a really fine polish before they get the 11-layer coating system.

This coating system makes sure that there is no unwanted reflection which will degrade the sight picture. Even in low light conditions, one will get a sharp and clear image with this rifle scope. The objective lens is 44mm, big enough to offer good light gathering without being unnecessarily bulky and heavy.

For the price, it is decent enough too but if you are willing to shell out a few more extra bucks, the XOPIn or the Bushnell might be more worth your pains.

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The Buyer’s Guide:

In the muddy world of rifles, you probably don’t know where to start especially if you’re just beginning to look around into developing this into a hobby or a well-heeled sport.

The best scope for 22lr will be made with premium high-grade aircraft aluminium as iron or steel is much heavier and less portable than its aluminium counterpart. Aluminium has low density relative to its weight so this makes it more compact, portable and light as well as durable.

Matte and Shiny:

There are usually two kinds of this: matte and shiny depending on your needs and style. Shiny is for people who like to give the prey a bit of a head start as the reflection acts as a warning to potential targets. All of our items featured in this list are all in matte black though keeping up your men in black status quo.

The diameter of your objective lens is pretty important stuff – you don’t want to go above 50, 36mm to 50mm is a good average diameter for your money. The bigger the lens, the more a scope weighs and costs, and the more difficult it is to mount on the receiver.


There are two types of tubes: 1 inch and 30mm. 30 mm is more integral in structure and lets in more light than 1-inch tubes but not by much. The much more important advantage is it lets adjustment be very easy so you can reshoot very quickly if you need to. 4 inches is great for eye relief.

All the scopes we have mentioned in our best scope for 22lr review have some similar features like adjustments for windage, focus on shooter’s eye and also elevation. It is in windage and elevation adjustments that scopes fall furthest from perfection. Both are controlled by dials, or knobs, located on the adjustment turret, which is midway down the scope tube.

The best windage and elevation adjustments move with a positive click, which helps you keep track of them even when your hand is cold, or gloved, or palsied. Because of the increased interest in tactical and long-distance shooting, an increasing number of scopes have exposed dials with no caps over them.

The reticle adjustments act like your ocular lens – in fact, it is the oculars – so it helps you fine tune the focus so that your eyes can see better in the field of vision. Parallax adjustment is crucial for smaller models as if the parallax is misaligned this will cause the target to appear where it is not thus throwing you completely off your game.

Duplex Crosshair:

In the 1960s, Leupold developed the Duplex crosshair, and it has been the standard since. The Duplex consists of four heavy crosshairs that taper sharply to find ones as they near the centre of the image. This pulls your eye to the centre and allows for fast, precise aiming.

LED lights have been added to most of the models that are come into view in this turn of the decade as they enhance speed as well as vision though it does tend to eat up battery more than ones without it.


For magnification, the variable-power scope is supreme because it offers a degree of flexibility that is genuinely useful. For dangerous game, or big game at less than 200 yards: 1X–4X.For most big-game hunting: 3X–9X or 2X–10X.For varmint hunting: 6X–24X – these probably are your best bets magnification wise and you definitely do not need a very high magnification to shoot well.

The typical rifle scope contains about eight lenses and the quality of the glass itself, the care with which it was ground to shape, and the quality of the coating applied to determine in large part how good they are.

The difference in image quality is startling and is what you pay all that money for which is probably why the ATN X Sights sell as well and perform as well as they do. Digital Imaging Technology really is marvellous for precision and overall scope quality.

Cleaning and Removing Dust:

With regards to maintenance, a rifle scope must be cleaned way more than you think it may need. People spend so much time cleaning and polishing away at their guns, you’ve got to remember that optics and your optical equipment is key to all your fast shooting.

When it comes to cleaning, treat like it is your precious DSLR cameras. Use a soft brush that comes with your scope and carefully clean the lens to remove those large dust particles and for the smaller dust particles, use microfiber and gently wipe the lens in a circular motion to get it all squeaky clean and crystal clear.

You can use cotton swabs/ cotton ear buds easily available everywhere to clean the inner edges of the rim of the scope by gently rolling the bud on the inner edges to get the dust and grime off. Clean the lenses with acetone or plain water dipped in cotton.

Keeping in Safe:

While most scopes, do come with good coating and precautions so as to not get ruined, there are still a few things you can do to keep it in top shape such as making sure to check turret caps and the mounts regularly and keeping them as tight as you can.

Loose mounts may detach and fall thus damaging your scope and making shots near impossible. Also, make sure the scope and the scope rings are clamped securely so as to not damage the internal parts while recoiling.

Keep your scope and rifles and other guns related gear stored in padding and do not bulk or clump them together as this will damage them. Try to keep bumping and accidental mishaps to a minimum.

F A Qs :

Will my scope fit on my rifle?

Most of the scopes on this list should fit a range of rifles throughout except the ones specified for .22s.

Do they fine focus adjustment?

Most rifle scopes do have this feature except the ATN X Sight ones that offer digital imaging instead thus doing all the work for you!

Do I need extra batteries?

Probably yes. Always stock up.

Do they need a riser?


Do I need to buy scope rings?

Yes, for most of them you should have them on hand and they are very cheap anyway.

Do I have a warranty?

Yes but only through direct purchase from the manufacturer or authorized resellers.

Can I take it out of the country?

As stated by most manuals due to ITAR, no.

Is one enough?

Probably not thought one is a good starting point!


You probably know your rifle better than any of us but based on the research and selectivity, these are the best available rifle scopes on the market. Now, all that left is to pick the one right for you! For my expert advice, I would hazard to say spend a little bit more money if you can for image quality alone. Here we have shown the list of best scope for 22lr to meet your hunting dream.

At the end of the day, it’ll largely depend on what suits your price point and which one you like the look of and the added features of some. Nevertheless, buying a great optical rifle scope is an excellent addition to a growing shooters arsenal. All it depends on now is how much you are willing to pay for it!

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